Welcome To Durgapur Abosar

A Social Organization for the Cause of Humanity

(Registration No: S/1L/52672 of 2008-09)

About UsProjects

Durgapur Abosar was formed in Nov’ 2007 by a group of 20 primary members.


It started with the idea of not spending our leisure time gossiping, but working for the cause of society.

Our Constitution

Being an enlisted NGO of Central Government NGO Partnership, we maintain our bank accounts which are audited regularly by competent authorities. After due all round verification by the Income Tax Authorities ,we have been privileged with the sanction of 80G and 12A registration of I/T.Act of 1961.

Our Organization

We pioneered with only 20 members (senior citizens) and were confined to a particular arena. But now our organization is spread all over the State with members beyond hundreds. Our members include Younger generation, Senior citizens, Housewives, Doctors, Teachers, Professors, Scientists, Writers, Artists etc.

Our Resources of fund

Our funds include subscription from the members @ Rs. 10.00 per month or @ Rs. 500.00 for life time (10 years) and occasional donations from the members, few individuals & well wishers. We strongly aspire to be duly supported with necessary financial assistance from the private/public organizations.

News & Events

Partner With Us

Be the change that you wish to see in the World!


  • Do you have the desire to work for the cause of humanity and can spend your spare time spreading joy?
  • Do you wish to gain an amazing experience working in a renowned N.G.O focused towards social  welfare?

If the answer to the above questions are YES, you need nothing more than goodwill and honesty to join this organization.

Collect the form online, fill it up and apply with the required subscription fees.

For more details get in touch with us using the contact page.

Why Help us?

We wish to serve the following main purposes among others.

  • To construct a doctors chamber with essential infrastructure for providing free treatment to the poor.
  • To arrange for a coaching center helping and educating all the needy students.
  • To respond in every call of the needy poor students shouting for help for their studies.

If you think you can help us with any of the three even with your physical support do get in touch to discuss the association.